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GS Group was established in 2007. Since then, we’ve built a strong presence in the global electronics market with many satisfied customers.

From our beginnings, we’ve been committed to offering our consumers the complete scope of manufacturing solutions. GS Group’s proficient engineers and developers can make a new product from scratch based on consumers’ specifications only. Our production facilities are fully compliant with current automotive and environmental standards.
Throughout the years, we’ve helped our associates build large quantities of diverse electronic systems and devices for many markets. The company is involved in automation, security, telecommunications, measuring instruments, automotive and household electronics and more. GS Group is the right choice for a successful and lasting business relationship.

GS Group offers these key advantages:

  • Complete design and engineering of electronics
  • Reliable supply of electronic components for your manufacturing necessities
  • Full-service logistics and shipping
  • Manufacturing under flexible contracts

Feel free to contact us at any stage of your project. We’re always here to help you with requests for modelling, design and engineering.

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This LCD Module RX256128A is built-in with ST75256 controller IC, it supports 6800 8-bit, 8080 8-bit parallel and 4-wire serial SPI and I2C interface.

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